#2 - Athens, Asylum, Amen

Every good story begins with an obstacle. Mine was a gastrointestinal bug that left me feverish and chained to the hostel toilet for three days. The quest for happiness was off to a hell of a start. Meanwhile, the great city of Athens bustled and boiled just outside the window. Our mission was to visit a refugee camp here in Athens to deepen our understanding of how happiness evolves through the diverse experiences that stem from human displacement, as well as to speak with the locals here about how questionable politics have informed Greek culture and sentiment. Despite our rocky, pain-in-the-gut start, we found what we came for and more. Karim received word that, by a sheer stroke of luck,

#1 - My Intention, My Method, My Man

If I'm going to ask you to read my blog for a couple of months while I traipse around Europe seeking happiness, I suppose I owe you an explanation. My Key To Happy is a traveling documentary series seeking to define, maintain and increase quality of life. I'm interested in what happiness means across cultures and time, and how our relationship with it is shaped by experience. My Intention: 1. Provide a platform for the discussion of maximizing our experience of life. 2. Seek deeper experience, deeper understanding and deeper connection with new people, cultures and myself. 3. Create something beautiful that puts a smile on more faces than just my own. My Method: 1. Travel from culture to cul

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