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#1 - My Intention, My Method, My Man

If I'm going to ask you to read my blog for a couple of months while I traipse around Europe seeking happiness, I suppose I owe you an explanation.

My Key To Happy is a traveling documentary series seeking to define, maintain and increase quality of life. I'm interested in what happiness means across cultures and time, and how our relationship with it is shaped by experience.

My Intention:

1. Provide a platform for the discussion of maximizing our experience of life.

2. Seek deeper experience, deeper understanding and deeper connection with new people, cultures and myself.

3. Create something beautiful that puts a smile on more faces than just my own.

My Method:

1. Travel from culture to culture in search of lifestyles and philosophies that yield the experience of happiness, both transient and lasting, with an emphasis on how people are dealing with current global phenomena.

2. Make music an integral part of the experience, equipped with my guitar and a college degree.

3. Document the adventure and the insights that we find in the process, and make it all available to anyone for consu