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Writing, Arranging,
Writing, Arranging, Mixing
Writing, Arranging, Mixing & Mastering,
Writing, Arranging, Mixing & Mastering, all in one place.
Let's Score Some Film

My own re-scoring of this stunning ad by Lacoste. Vocals by the incredible Jamie Lynn Hart


A song from my indie-rock concept-album, In Case It Rains


A remix of Roses (The Chainsmokers) with Alex Gorchesky on Bass

Strings (Song)

String arrangements can bring to life any genre. They enter at 1:35

Film Score / Full Orchestra

Wrote, conducted and produced this piece for orchestra.

Strings (Orchestral)

A thematic piece for string orchestra

Earworm Jingles

Hey! Turn your volume knob down!

Obnoxious. Infectious. Just Right.

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