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Dallas Thornton

Los Angeles based Indie Pop-Rock artist from Boulder, CO

New, Full-Length Album

Dance Till We Die

Out Now

1. Dance Till We Die - Album Cover 3000x
New Channel

Dallas Thornton - Dance Till We Die (Official Music Video)

As A Villain - Out Now

Dallas Thornton Band - Promo 2018

Recent Press

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Dance Till We Die (Music Video)

Made In Quarantine

"...might actually be physically addictive."

- The Huffington Post


"There’s no debating Dallas Thornton’s take on the phenomenon [of Indie Pop Rock] is fresh.

-Digital High

Digital High Icon

“Thornton splays his entire artistry across the palettes of his audience - in sound, in dance, and in an almost theatrical stage presence.”

- BolderBeat


"A different take on that over-saturated Indie Rock moniker..."

- Mile High Feedback

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Dallas Thornton serves as Artist In Residence for Common Foundation - an international philanthropic incubator that serves 225+ companies in 27 industries and 20 countries for the benefit of people, planet and peace.

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